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TechniCAD Engineering SA
Place de Tübingen 5
1870 Monthey, Valais, Suisse
Tél. : +41 24 472 12 40
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About us

 The beginnings

TechniCAD Engineering SA was established in 1990 to meet strong demand for chemistry in Monthey. It is registered as a corporation in the commercial register of St-Maurice. Fields of activity early (chemical engineering and mechanical development) were completed in 1998 by the petrochemical, environmental and pharmaceutical industry. Subsequently, biotechnology and the food came enlarge the range of our services.

 A constant extension

The company has extended its services consistently. Today, it employs a team of over 30 people that is completed optimally. These are engineering graduates in chemical engineering, life sciences and engineering that directly address the needs of our customers. The project teams are composed of 3D and 2D manufacturers, technicians, buyers SAP, storekeepers and efficient secretaries.

 A training company

In addition, our company is keen to share his knowledge since it forms for over 8 years of apprentice builders (designers of machinery). To our pride, more than 60% of our apprentices manufacturers have chosen to pursue their careers or training in our company.