Le partenaire de vos projets industriels
TechniCAD Engineering SA
Place de Tübingen 5
1870 Monthey, Valais, Suisse
Tél. : +41 24 472 12 40
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We offer a unique combination of skills, from design to commissioning of a facility. Our services are tailored to your needs and can be comprehensive or targeted.

  • Piloting
  • Engineering
  • Legislation
  • Maintenance
  • 3D plans
  • 2D plans
  • Supplying
  • Store
  • Quality
  • Security
  • Validation




 Ororganization and project steering groups
 Management of internal and external resources
 Monitoring performance
 Monitoring of deadlines, follow-up and updating of planning
  Cost control
  Coordination with other trades (civil engineering, electrical, MCR, HVAC, etc.)



 Technical and economic feasibility study
 Revamping of installations
 Technology transfer
 Development files for building permits and operating
 Concept of flow sheets, diagrams PI & D's, energies, layouts, flow of material/people
 Sizing process and utilities
 Integration aspects of EHS
 Participation for the role of engineering in the risk analysis (HAZOP, check-list, scenarios)
 Sizing of apparatus and equipments
 Development specifications of piping
 Special studies
  Evaluation and recommendation of suppliers and service providers MCR
 Technical coordination with other firms (civil engineering, electrical, ventilation, etc.)
 Préparation des travaux
 Preparation of specifications of equipements, URS
 Preparation of tender dossiers and comparative suppliers
 Checking drawings of suppliers
 Production of technical documentation
  Design and industrial prototyping
  Technological improvements of installation




  Application guidelines ATEX 137 ou 1999/92/CE
  Application of the Federal Decree on Pressure Equipment DEP/ASIT
  Application of the Federal Decree on the Protection of Air (OPair)
  Application of the Federal Decree on the Protection of Waters (OEaux)




 Help maintenance
 Process Optimization
 Installation Records
 Budget costing
  Updated plans and diagrams

Planning and management
of maintenance outages
 Creation of technical specifications of equipment (eg. SAP)


Modélisation 3D


 Building modeling
 Modeling devices
  Modeling of mechanical equipment
 Development of specifications for 3D piping
 Modeling of piping and equipment
 Modeling HVAC
 Modeling of electrical cable paths
 Collision control
 Extraction of piping isometric (plans call for tenders and prefabrication)
 Extraction of 2D and 3D views for assembly help
 Preparation of lists of piping elements
 Preparation of plans available devices (layout)
 Training on the 3D model of operating staff (existing and/or future)


Plans 2D


 Development of flow sheet
 Development patterns PI&D's
  Plans of implantation devices
  Plans of fire rescue
  Plans of zoning ATEX
Development patterns of energy
  Plans of manufacturing equipment
 Plans for major support components and support components
 Plans of mechanical details




 Preparation of purchase requisitions in conjunction with the purchasing department
 Development of protocols for receiving devices, FAT
 Inspection of equipment factory, SAT
  Visit manufacturers and evaluating
the progress being




 Quantitative and qualitative control for receipt of equipment at the store FAT
 Creation of technical specifications of devices (eg. SAP)
 Management and technical operation of the store ((opening and closing)
 Storage and supply of equipment on site




 Internal quality control
 CMonitoring compliance with standards of customer
 Design review of the 3D model with the project managers and production
  Methods for designing integrated and structured, MCIS




 Site monitoring
 Opening and closing the yard
 Management of work permits (fire coupons)
 Safety training of employees 
  Collaboration security audits 




 Development master plan
 Elaboration du cahier des Charges, URS
 Qualification de conception, DQ
 Inspection des équipements, FAT
 Réception des équipements, SAT
 Qualification d’installation, IQ
 Qualification opérationnelle, OQ
 Qualification de performance, PQ
 Annual Report